Waites Cottage as it looked when we arrived.

Day 1 in our new home

Jane and I hope to turn our property into a nudist sanctuary, where you our nudist friend can visit for a day or stay in our nudist self-Catering accomodation (once it is completed) for as long as you wish if the price is right.

Steve sets about putting a lick of paint to our walls

The task at hand

Jane and I have moved to Lincolnshire December 2016, the home county of our ancestors going back as far as 1732 that we know of. Though we are not true "yellow bellies" we feel that we are moving to where we should be. 

Working life is a rat race for most and it was no different for us, and we are both so glad that we had the forethought when we were in our late teens to set up a pension that we paid into regularly so that now, we are both comfortably financially sound and are now on permanent leave from the rat race. 

We decided to sell our Buckinghamshire home and find another home in the countryside of Lincolnshire we have one immediate neighbour, who is a sweet old lady who gives us no problems at all. All other neighbours are more than 300 meters away from us and so we can enjoy the views, and free of clothes 24/7, weather permitting. We started hunting the Lincolnshire area for three months until we found what we consider our final home. 


Views over looking farming fields.

Janes potting shed provide our flowers.

Getting rid of conifers

We had approximately 120 large conifer to get rid of except for the ones protetcing the young orchard fruit tees.